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Purpose: The National Institutes of Health (NIH) invites applications for grants to develop, conduct, evaluate, and disseminate short-term courses on laboratory research techniques for human embryonic stem cell lines. The courses should include hands-on experience to improve the knowledge and skills of biomedical researchers to maintain, characterize, and use human embryonic stem cells in basic research studies and be made available to investigators in research areas of interest to all of the institutes and centers of the NIH.

Term/Amount: The 12 sponsoring Institutes and Centers have committed approximately $1,000,000 for total costs for the first year of support in FY 2002. The award of grants is contingent on the availability of such funds for this purpose. It is anticipated that four to five grants may be awarded under this program in FY 2002. The specific number to be funded will depend on the merit and scope of the application received. Direct costs of the awards made under the T15 …

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