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In an ongoing effort to explore the terrain of the clinical research enterprise, the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) Clinical Research Roundtable (CRR) is holding a series of symposia to gather information about the current status and future needs of clinical research from the spectrum of clinical research stakeholders. The Roundtable is exploring issues such as the way components of the clinical research enterprise interrelate, contributions to and needs of enterprise members, and strategies for cooperation among enterprise components that improve the public's health and reduce the burden of disease. As part of this effort, the CRR held three symposia in 2000: Developing the Clinical Investigator Workforce; Public Confidence and Involvement in Clinical Research; and Exploring the Map of Clinical Research for the Coming Decade. Summaries of these symposia are available online at or from the IOM (see below).

On December 12, 2001, the CRR will conduct a workshop that will focus on purchaser (employers) and payer issues (insurance companies and taxpayers through government-supported plans). Purchasers and payers of health care are directly affected by the activities of the clinical research enterprise and are also uniquely situated to contribute …

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