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Purpose: The purpose of this RFA is to reannounce the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) program of “Large-Scale Collaborative Project Awards”, (commonly called large Glue Grants) first issued as GM-99-007 in May 1999, and subsequently reissued in December 1999 as Notice GM-00-001. This new announcement includes updates and modifications, and should be used in lieu of the previous announcements. The purpose of this program is to enable the solution of major problems in biomedical research and to facilitate the next evolutionary stage of integrative biomedical science. The intention is to make resources available for independently funded scientists to form research teams to solve a complex biological problem that would be beyond the means of any one research group, and that is of central importance to biomedical science and to the mission of the NIGMS. It is expected that the participating investigators will already hold externally peer reviewed and funded research …

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