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2013 NIH High Risk-High Reward Research Awards Announced

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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded seventy-eight grants to scientists as part of the High Risk-High Reward program. Supported by the NIH Common Fund, the program fosters the development of novel research approaches that show promise in the areas of biomedical and behavioral research through the NIH Pioneer, New Innovator, Transformative Research, and Early Independence Awards. This year, 12 Pioneer Awards, 41 New Innovator Awards, 10 Transformative Research Awards, and 15 Early Independence Awards were granted, representing approximately $123 million in funding. As announced by the NIH, the award descriptions and awardees follow.

2013 NIH Pioneer Award recipients

The Pioneer Award, in its 10th year, challenges investigators at all career levels to develop highly innovative approaches that could have a powerful impact on a broad area of biomedical or behavioral research.

  • Amy F.T. Arnsten, PhD, Yale University, New Haven, CT

  • Edward S. Boyden, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

  • Vadim N. Gladyshev, PhD, Brigham And Women’s Hospital, Boston

  • Baljit Khakh, PhD, University of California Los Angeles

  • Michael Z. Lin, MD, PhD, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

  • Jay Ashok Shendure, MD, PhD, University of Washington, Seattle

  • Natalia A. Trayanova, PhD, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

  • Fan Wang, PhD, Duke University, Durham, NC

  • Leor S Weinberger, PhD, Gladstone Institutes, San Francisco

  • Xiaoliang Sunney Xie, PhD, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

  • Rafael M Yuste, MD, PhD, Columbia University New York Morningside, New York City

  • Mark J Zylka, PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

2013 NIH Director’s New Innovator Award recipients

The New Innovator Award initiative, established in 2007, supports investigators who are within 10 years of their terminal degree or clinical residency, but who have not yet received a Research Project Grant (R01) or equivalent NIH grant, to conduct exceptionally innovative research.

  • Hillel Adesnik, PhD, University of California, Berkeley, CA

  • Jennifer Ahern, PhD, University of California, Berkeley

  • Sara J Aton, PhD, University of …

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