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George Eisenbarth

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George Eisenbarth Photo courtesy University of Colorado School of Medicine

George Eisenbarth, MD, PhD, Executive Director of the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes at the University of Colorado (CU) Anschutz Medical Campus, died in November 2012 at age 65. A pioneering diabetes researcher, Dr. Eisenbarth’s research led to the recognition of Type 1 diabetes as an immune system disorder. His work reshaped the approach for developing treatments and a vaccine or cure for the disorder. Along with his colleagues, Dr. Eisenbarth helped develop tests to identify individuals most susceptible to diabetes as well as treatments to prevent complications from the disorder.

Dr. Eisenbarth earned his PhD (1974) and MD (1975) at Duke University Medical School. He completed a fellowship at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), where he worked with Nobel Laureate, Marshall Nirenberg, PhD. He returned to Duke as a member of the faculty and was recruited to Joslin Diabetes Center in 1982. During his tenure at Joslin, he conducted seminal studies that demonstrated the autoimmune nature of type I diabetes mellitus. He joined the CU School of Medicine in Denver in 1992 and is credited with shaping the international prominence of the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood …

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