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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Names New Director

Nancy E. Davidson

Courtesy of National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Linda S. Birnbaum, PhD, DABT, ATS, has been appointed as director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEH), part of the National Institutes of Health. Her appointment began in January of this year. Previously, she was a senior advisor at the Environmental Protection Agency, where she served as the director of the Experimental Toxicology Division. In her role at NIEH, Dr. Birnbuam oversees a budget of $730 million that funds multidisciplinary biomedical research programs, prevention, and intervention efforts encompassing training, education, technology transfer, and community outreach.

Dr. Birnbaum is an alumna of the University of Illinois, Urbana, where she earned her MS and PhD, Microbiology. She is a board-certified toxicologist and has served as a federal scientist for almost 29 years. Her research focuses on the pharmacokinetic behavior of environmental chemicals, mechanisms of actions of toxicants, including endocrine disruption; and linking of real-world exposures to effects. She spent a decade at National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, first as a senior staff fellow at the national Toxicology Program, then as a principal investigator and research microbiologist, and subsequently as a group leader for the Institute's Chemical Disposition Group. She has received numerous awards, including the Society of Toxicology Public Communications Award, Conservation Award from the National Wildlife Fund, the Ambassador Award from the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Society of Toxicology, Environmental Protection Agency's Health Science Achievement Award and Diversity Leadership Award, the Women in Toxicology Elsevier Mentoring Award, and a dozen Science and Technology Achievement Awards.

Dr. Birnbaum serves as an Adjunct Professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and at Duke University. She is the former Vice President of the …

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