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  1. R. Kandavar1,
  2. R. Prabhu2,
  3. R. Hal Scofield3
  1. 1Tulane University School of Medicine, Alexandria, LA
  2. 2KMC & Hospital, Manipal, India
  3. 3Oklahoma University Health Science Center, Oklahoma City, OK.


Background Hypothyroidism is a frequently diagnosed endocrine disorder with protean clinical features. Hypothyroidism can cause disturbances in renal histology, hemodynamics, and water and electrolyte balance.

Patients and Methods We undertook the present study to determine the prevalence and severity of acute renal failure in a large cohort of patients (832 patients) with newly diagnosed hypothyroidism. Patients were followed up for 3 to 6 months following the initiation of thyroid supplement therapy. The study end point was the complete resolution of renal failure and hypothyroidism.

Results We found 9 patients (1%) with acute renal failure among the total of 832 consecutively diagnosed hypothyroidism. Six patients had elevated CPK levels. Two patients had features of rhabdomyolysis and required hemodialysis and one patient had severe hyponatremia. All nine patients had their TSH elevated, > 100 μU/mL.

Conclusion We propose measuring TSH in patients with acute renal failure with no apparent clinical cause and in patients with recent deterioration of stable chronic renal failure.

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