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  1. 1University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA


Purpose of Study After observing the patient population and consulting health care providers at Oakland Bay Pediatrics, a high rate of teen pregnancy and childhood obesity was observed. Additionally, many of the young parents of Mason County voiced feelings of isolation and inadequate education about services available to them.

Methods Used A support group titled “Young Parents Network” was developed to provide high-risk groups with educational materials on nutrition, obesity prevention, and social services for children and families. A registered dietitian and registered nurse were on hand to counsel attendees in these important areas.

Summary of Results A session was held at Mason General Hospital in both English and Spanish. One family attended the meeting and received counseling on nutrition and information on services they were interested in accessing.

Conclusion Reached Initial community response indicates interest in a group of this type. Interest among the health care community was high as well. With more resources, extended commitment from health care providers and extensive advertising the group can benefit a larger number of families. More time to establish relationships with target families can also help increase attendance. There will always be a need for young families to receive support, education, and guidance. Continuation of this or a similarly designed group with more resources may achieve these goals.

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