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  1. C. D. Chesnut1
  1. 1University of Washington. Seattle, WA.


The opportunity to educate and encourage practices of preventive medicine has proven to be an arduous task with respect to populations of athletes. There is often a lack of contact with health care professionals and an attitude of invincibility among athletic populations concerning health maintenance. I present a situation of advocating such practices through the publication of performance-related articles in a popular triathlon magazine, Inside Triathlon. Articles published deal with scientifically related performance issues and have the underlying theme of practical implications for established health maintenance practices, including alcohol abuse, sun exposure, smoking, and performance-enhancing drugs. The quantity of “hits” totaling nearly 25,000 per article on the publication's Web site and the quality of feedback from readers have both been promising and showed that the underlying preventive medical themes of the articles are well elucidated by readers. The use of such prominent athletic publications as an instrument of health promotion has not been documented in the medical literature and should be further investigated through the use of other well-known periodicals.

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