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  1. E. Swingle1
  1. 1University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA.


Purpose of Study Sun damage must be confronted every day in the primary care offices in Lewistown, MT. To address this health threat appropriately, a sun education campaign was designed after careful conversations with community health providers.

Methods Discussions with the clinical staff in the Lewistown Medical Management Office revealed that very little patient literature was available to assist patients in selecting proper sun protection. These conversations also revealed that local farming and ranching families probably face the most daily sun exposure.

Results An inventory of all available sunscreens, their prices, and SPFs was taken and then discussed with the visiting dermatologist to determine which products he felt were most effective and the best tolerated by patients. This list and recommendations were given to local primary care providers. To educate the public, 30 posters on sun protection were produced and posted in businesses that cater to agricultural families. The educational poster focuses on avoiding sun exposure, selecting and applying sunscreen appropriately, and seeking professional help to address previous sun damage. An informational handout based on the poster was created for patients of the Lewistown Medical Management Office.

Conclusion Small-scale educational campaigns can be effectively carried out in locations outside the traditional clinic after careful discussion with local care providers and appropriate literature review.

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