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National Institutes of Health Clinical Center Hosts Clinical Investigator Student Trainee Forum

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Approximately 250 medical and dental students took part in the Annual Clinical Investigator Student Trainee (CIST) Forum from November 1-3, 2006, at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The CIST Forum is designed to bring together top experts in the scientific community with young investigators and their mentors in a 3-day conference, which provides both an enriching scientific experience and practical advice for future investigators. Students participating in the Forum have elected to take a year off from their respective institutions to participate in clinical and translational research fellowships at the NIH and other institutions. CIST Forum attendees included participants in the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Clinical Research Program, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Scholars and Fellows Programs, the NIH Clinical Research Training Program, the Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Foundation Fellowship Program, programs sponsored by the National Center for Research Resources/General Clinical Research Centers, and the Fogarty International Center-Ellison Medical Foundation Global Health and Clinical Research Fellows Program. Dr. Frederick P. Ognibene, director of the Clinical Research Training Program at the NIH, organized and hosted the event, which was held for the fourth time in 2006. The program included scientific lectures, panel discussions, and social activities focused on various aspects of clinical and biomedical research. Subjects highlighted by the Forum included current advancements in translating research findings into novel treatments, career opportunities as a physician-scientist, loan repayment programs and grant opportunities for young investigators, and controversies in the field of bioethics.

The lectures focused on translational research topic areas included a talk by Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg, chief of the Surgical Oncology Branch at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Dr. Rosenberg discussed the use of immunotherapy in the fight against cancer and illustrated clearly the theme of translating basic scientific discoveries in the laboratory to novel treatments …

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