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  1. T. M. Hallingbye
  1. University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA


Purpose of Study Saratoga, WY, like many rural towns in Wyoming, has a ranching economy. The prevailing attitude among men of this town is that they do not need to visit the doctor unless severely ill or injured. While some men visit the doctor for a yearly physical, most do not. This community medicine project focused on creating a well man exam form for Platte Valley Medical Clinic (PVMC) in Saratoga, as well as promoting men's health in general.

Methods Used The well man exam form was modeled after PVMC's existing well woman exam form. The primary health care provider was interviewed to determine the preferred content of the form. Additionally, national screening guidelines were consulted to ensure that it met preventive medicine recommendations.

Summary ofResults A well man exam form was created for use in PVMC. An article was placed in the Saratoga Sun newspaper promoting Men's Health Week 2005 and highlighted the rationale for men receiving yearly physical exams. Flyers and posters were placed in PVMC drawing attention to the importance of men's health.

Conclusions Reached The newspaper article provided excellent community education about the importance of men's health and the need for men to receive yearly exams. The well man exam form at PVMC provides an efficient mechanism to ensure that consistent health information is elicited from male patients and documented in the medical record.

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