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  1. J. Ammons,
  2. V. Egorshin,
  3. L. Beisher,
  4. M. H. Nichols,
  5. W. D. King,
  6. K. W. Monroe
  1. University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL


Background Obesity has been recognized as an increasing problem in the pediatric population. Our goals were to use data from injury prevention surveys to identify high-risk behaviors and their contribution to pediatric obesity.

Methods Families were surveyed in conjunction with Injury Free Coalition for Kids funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at a community health fair held in high-risk injury areas of our community. In addition to assessing educational and awareness needs for injury prevention, families were surveyed on exercise and nutrition habits of children in these families.

Results -20% obese (greater than 95%) and another 13% were between 90 and 95%. Fruits and Vegetables: 5% reported less than one serving, 52% reported at least two servings per day, while 42% reported greater than 3 servings per day. Milk and Dairy: 12% less than one, 46% at least two, 42% greater than three servings per day. Junk Food: 33% less than one, 32% at least two, 34% greater than three. TV/Videos: 12% less than 1 hour per day, 23% 1-2 hours per day, 65% greater than 3 hours per day. Exercise/Physical Activity: 16% less than 3 times per week, 13% 4-6 times per week, 71% reported daily physical activity. Follow-Up: 38 of 95 surveyed had attended the previous year's fair. Of those, 72% reported exercising more since the previous year and 84% reported eating better since receiving information at last year's fair.

Conclusions Obesity is a growing problem in the pediatric population with at least one-fifth of our random population obese. Our data identified a significant portion of children in our population with greater than 3 hours of television per day. Most respondents did describe better health habits since last year's fair.

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