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  1. A. Patel,
  2. K. Perumalsamy,
  3. U. Patel,
  4. A. Maini
  1. Department of Internal Medicine, Coney Island Hospital, Brooklyn, NY


Objective To determine the significance of baseline hypercoagulable status as an independent risk factor for premature CAD (coronary artery disease) in a south Asian migrant population.

Background Atherosclerosis is the leading cause of mortality in United States and other industrialized countries. South Asian immigrant is the largest ethnic group in United States with a much higher incidence of CAD as compared with the Framingham study. Thus, an effort needs to be made to search for other modifiable risk factors, especially in this population.

Methods An arterial hypercoagulabe workup was performed on all the south Asian patients with angiographically proven premature CAD at an inner-city community hospital between a period of 1998 to 2002.

Results An increased propensity for arterial hypercoagulability was display by 17.85% of the studied population, in the form of elevated homocysteine, fibrinogen, and antiphospholipid antibody levels.

Conclusions Considering the increased prevalence and the potential mortality and long-term morbidity of CAD, an arterial hypercoagualablity workup is worth considering in a south Asian population with premature CAD.

Condensed Abstract CAD is one of the major killers of industrialized countries. Starting from the Framingham study, several studies have been performed to find out the risk factors and the ways to modify them to decrease the incidence of CAD. South Asian migrants in the United States constitute a unique subset of patients with a higher than expected incidence of CAD. We tested for arterial hypercoagulability a population of south Asian migrants with an angiographically proven diagnosis of premature CAD in an inner-city community hospital from 1998 to 2002. We found an incidence of 17.85% positive hypercoagulable workup in this group.

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