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  1. A. Gupta,
  2. D. Godkar,
  3. R. Gupta,
  4. H. Rao,
  5. S. Niranjan,
  6. A. Khanna
  1. Department of Internal Medicine, Coney Island Hospital, Brooklyn, NY


Background Multiple gated acquisition (MUGA) studies are commonly used for calculation of ejection fraction (EF). Many observations are commonly drawn from studies in addition to the main objective. We noted splenomegaly on multiple occasions in patients undergoing MUGA in our cardiac laboratory. We did this study to see whether this observation was related to any cardiac dysfunction.

Methods We retrospectively analyzed MUGA scans done over a period of 4 months for EF, wall motion abnormalities, and splenomegaly.

Results Of the 98 patients in this study, 53 (54%) were male and 45 (46%) female. Splenomegaly was present in 32 patients (33%). Sixteen patients (16%) had akinetic segments, 9 (9%) dyskinetic segments, and 64 (65%) hypokinetic segments. Mean EF for the 98 patients was 49 (median 44, SD 59, range 11 to 490). Mean EF was not significantly different in those with splenomegaly (mean 58.8, SD 63.1) than in those without splenomegaly (mean 44.3, SD 57.5) (p = .26). The percentage of those with splenomegaly and akinetic or dyskinetic or hypokinetic segments (7, 22%) was not significantly different from the percentage of those without splenomegaly and similar wall motion abnormalities. Twenty-three patients (24%) did not have any akinetic, dyskinetic, or hypokinetic segments; 61 patients (62%) had 1 abnormal segment; and 14 patients (14%) had 2 abnormal segments. The percentage of patients with and without splenomegaly did not vary with number of abnormal segments. The percentage of patients with and without splenomegaly did not vary with wall motion abnormality in any particular segment.

Conclusion Splenomegaly on MUGA studies is a purely incidental finding and is not related to results of MUGA scan. Splenomegaly if discovered on MUGA should be evaluated clinically and with further testing if necessary.

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