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  1. E. R. Volkmann,
  2. J. S. Currier
  1. Center for Clinical AIDS Research and Education, David Geffen School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA


Objective To investigate the factors that contribute to patient willingness to participate in HIV clinical trials and to determine if a brief intervention that provides information about HIV clinical trials affects willingness to participate in a trial.

Method 75 outpatients receiving HIV primary care at the Center for Clinical AIDS Research and Education participated in this prospective study. Each patient completed two questionnaires and met briefly with the principal investigator, who discussed the purpose and availability of clinical trials.

Results The characteristics of the 75 HIV-infected patients were 12% women; 87% receiving medication; 41% detectable viral load. Of all the patients, 49% had previously enrolled in a clinical trial; 29% were currently enrolled in a clinical trial; 71% had talked with their doctor about clinical trials; and 92% would consider participating in a clinical trial in the future. Patients who had previously enrolled in HIV clinical trials demonstrated greater knowledge of clinical trials than did patients who had never enrolled in a trial, F(1,73) = 5.57, p = .021. Moreover, increased patient trust in their provider was associated with increased willingness to consider participating in a trail, r(73) = .286, p = .014. After the brief intervention by the principal investigator, 72 participants (96%) indicated that they would be willing to be contacted by their health care provider about a clinical trial for which they may be eligible.

Conclusions Patient knowledge of clinical trials and trust in their provider influence willingness to participate in clinical trials. Providing all HIV-infected patients with information about HIV clinical trials at the site where they receive care may increase participation rates in HIV clinical trials.

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