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Map of Human Genetic Variation Completed

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The International HapMap Consortium has released its comprehensive catalog of human genetic variation, an achievement that has already accelerated the search for the genes involved in common diseases. The project is a partnership of scientists and funding agencies from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Japan, and Nigeria working toward the development of a public resource to help researchers locate genes associated with human disease and response to pharmaceuticals.

In the October 27, 2005, issue of Nature, participating researchers described the overwhelming evidence that variation in the human genome is organized into local neighborhoods, or haplotypes, which are ordinarily inherited as intact blocks of information.

The consortium set an ambitious goal at the project's outset in October 2002 to create a human haplotype map, or HapMap, within 3 years. The paper signals the group's success in reaching that goal and provides a detailed description of the phase …

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