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Introduction: Stem Cell Research: Science Steps into the Political Maelstrom
  1. Meredith Hawkins, MD, Symposium Chair,
  2. Abdulla K. Salahudeen, MD, AFMR Vice President for Meetings and Symposia
  1. One of the missions of the American Federation for Medical Research (AFMR) is to facilitate translational research. With that objective, AFMR is proud to continue to sponsor the “bench to bed side symposia” at the annual Experimental Biology (EB) meeting. Review articles summarizing the content of these symposia are frequently published in the Journal of Investigative Medicine. Details on how to apply to present a symposium at future EB meetings are provided at <>.

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The symposium “Stem Cell Research Update: the State of the Progenitor,” sponsored by the American Federation for Medical Research, was held at the 2004 Experimental Biology meeting in Washington, DC, on April 21, 2004. The session's content is summarized and expanded in the articles that follow, authored by two of the symposium speakers.

David A. Prentice, PhD, was formerly professor of life sciences at Indiana State University, where he received the University's Distinguished Teaching Award and Distinguished Service Award, and adjunct professor of medical and molecular genetics at Indiana University School of Medicine. His research involves cell growth …

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