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  1. L. Crowley
  1. University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle WA.


Background King County has a large Latino immigrant population, some of whom are undocumented. Many undocumented immigrants do not receive medical care due to fear of deportation, language barriers, or lack of knowledge of health care resources. Lack of primary care in this population is associated with more emergency department visits for preventable conditions, more hospitalizations, and increased spread of infection. To address the lack of health care access in undocumented immigrants, a brochure was created describing undocumented immigrants' right to health care and the commitment of a local community health center to provide medical services to all people.

Methods The project idea emerged from a community assessment, conversations with Latino immigrants in the clinic and discussions with administrators about health care gaps in the community. The brochure was directed towards undocumented Latino immigrants because Latinos represent 70% of the undocumented immigrants in this country. These brochures, written in Spanish, will be available to the community health center, and will be given to community leaders such as priests who can provide the brochures in the community.

Summary Undocumented Latino immigrants face barriers to receiving primary care for a variety of reasons. In an attempt to increase health care access for this population, an educational brochure was created. The two main objectives for the brochure were to let undocumented immigrants know that it is safe, from an immigration perspective, to receive care at a local community health center and to describe the available resources at the health center. It is hoped that the brochure will reach the target population and help increase primary health care utilization among this underserved group.

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