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  1. W. H. Crowder,
  2. K. R. Bennett
  1. Jackson, MS.


Cardiac myxomas represent the most common benign primary cardiac tumor. The growth rate of these tumors has been largely speculative since most are excised at or near the time of discovery. Few case reports describing the growth rate of these tumors exist. A 35 year old woman with the Carney complex, complicated by multiple cardiac and non-cardiac myxomas requiring several operations since childhood, presented for a surveillance transesophageal echocardiogram. Her last cardiac myxoma was removed 3.5 years before a small non-mobile myxoma measuring 0.7 cm in diameter was found attached to the inferior vena cava at its junction with the right atrium. Over the next 21 months, the tumor grew to 5.8 × 4.7 cm, almost filling the right atrium. The patient remained asymptomatic throughout the follow-up period. The estimated volume of the myxoma was calculated using the echocardiographic measurements obtained over the course of the follow-up. The following table documents the rapid growth of this tumor. This growth pattern appears to be exponential and the rate of enlargement is calculated to be approximately 28% per month. This case illustrates the rapid growth potential of cardiac myxoma and implies that patients in this clinical setting should be followed frequently.

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