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The Second Annual Clinical Investigator Student Trainee (CIST) Forum

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The identification and development of the next generation of clinical researchers are critically important goals. Given the changes that have occurred in the last two decades, how best to achieve this goal has been the subject of a number of programs and funding mechanisms. One innovative approach has been that pioneered by Dr. Frederick P. Ognibene and his colleagues at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

With this backdrop, the best and the brightest of the next generation of clinical investigators gathered for the second annual Clinical Investigators Student Training (CIST) Forum on November 11 and 12, 2004, at the Clinical Center on the campus of the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland.

The CIST forum was developed to support the NIH Roadmap's “Re-engineering the Clinical Research Enterprise” initiative by emphasizing the need for clinical researchers to be trained in an array of disciplines important to the conduct of clinical studies and supports collaborative and multidisciplinary research.

Participants included over 250 medical and dental school students who have taken 1 year off from their academic training to participate in clinical and translational research fellowships from forum sponsors NIH Clinical Research Training Program, the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Clinical Research Fellowship, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Scholars and Fellows Programs, students training in the General Clinical Research Centers of the National Center for Research Resources, and the Sarnoff Endowment for Cardiovascular Science Fellowship Program.

The 2-day forum was aimed at building on the commitment that these students have already made to clinical research and to provide the additional support required to help them establish successful careers as clinical investigators. The program included lectures …

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